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Our Artists

Kelly Herd

Kelly Herd is as passionate about his jewelry line as he is about life. He exudes his love of fine jewelry and relishes the joy that it brings to the people that buy the pieces he has created over a lifetime.

Kelly Herd Jewelry has its roots in his mother’s equestrian jewelry business. While equestrian is still a part of the KH Collections, he has expanded his designs to include Religious/Faith inspired pieces, enthusiast themes like pet as well as classic jewelry designs.

Kelly is a consummate craftsman with an innate sense of design and style. If you are looking for that perfect custom piece of jewelry, you can trust that he can create and make exactly what you have in mind - and even way beyond your dreams.

KHJ is an official sponsor of the National Arabian Association and the Appaloosa Horse Club. Kelly served 2 years (2017-2018) as the President of the American Equestrian Trade Association.


 Astali/Shannon De Jong

ASTALI Jewelry is designed and handmade by Los Angeles-based creator, Shannon De Jong. Since her childhood in rural Iowa, she has been collecting and repurposing found objects. She eventually began to customize jewelry and would find ways to turn just about any small object into an adornment. Although self-taught, Shannon made her way from jewelry production to sample-making, to design, and then on to management of both design and production teams for other designers. All the while she kept a home studio to refine her skills and experiment with the raw materials she loved most. ASTALI became a full-time endeavor in the fall of 2008 and has been building a loyal following ever since. Shannon draws design inspiration equally from natural history museums and flea markets, culminating in a highly tactile line of accessories that feature natural elements + an antique soul. This line is a celebration of the timeless beauty and wonder of the natural world as well as the marks we leave upon it. ASTALI is committed to small-batch, sustainable, slow fashion - pieces that are built to last, with an emphasis on enduring style over fleeting trends. Shannon prides herself on attention to every detail, making her unique wares worth waiting for. The results are true conversation pieces.


Montana Leather Designs/Olive Parker

Olive Parker is a leather artist and jewelry designer incorporating genuine vegetable tanned leather with handmade components sourced in the US and in the EU. Her designs reflect the colors and moods of the beautiful Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains that surround her studio. Her commitment to using premium leather, high quality findings and elegant combinations of color and components offers a look that resonates with shoppers from Martha's Vineyard to Sedona, and from Palm Springs to Petoskey. Her designs appeal to all genders and are built in a variety of sizes. In addition to designing beautiful jewelry, Olive mines sapphires in the nearby Sapphire Mountain Range, enjoys oil painting "Plein Air" and trail riding her horses through the mountain landscape.


Lorraine Frances Jewelry

I paint in broad strokes, and create wearable art from found objects; it is my passion, it’s all about the joy of creation which has many dimensions. I have learned to listen to those moments and let them tell me where to go. Art is a celebration of life. New discoveries are made every day, adding to the adventurous education of Lorraine’s jewelry designs. Many items, like watches, typewriter keys, and vintage coins are upcycled and incorporated into my jewelry, proving that wearable art can be more than just another pretty piece of jewelry.


Marchello Art/John Marchello

MarchelloArt features unique statement piece jewelry hand crafted from vintage silverware. All pieces are handmade by artist John Marchello. The process of creating jewelry from silverware was started by John's father, who taught John while he was in college. John and his dad refined the process by creating new tools and techniques that allow for the creation of what you see today. John finds his inspiration in the old flatware to help remind people to live a more sustainable life and to help people to consider the full life cycle of the products they buy. When we can't reduce or reuse, the only option is to recycle. By turning unwanted silverware into jewelry, John hopes to energize the world to move to a more sustainable mindset by refocusing how we make and buy.


Nancy Reid Carr

Nancy Reid Carr is a Rhode Island artist and mother of two daughters. She has been a professional maker of jewelry and art for nearly 20 years. The imagery she captures is quiet and serene with a distinct focus on color, texture & composition. Simplicity in design combined with her chosen materials of metal, glass and metallic paper offer a fresh, modern aesthetic. In addition to her own photography, she often includes tiny images from outer space found in the Nasa image database. Nancy also works in collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA, offering a unique line of cuff bracelets designed with licensed artwork from the MFA collection. The aluminum cuff bracelets have a natural metallic base that is coated with a scratch resistant emulsion which receives the ink through a heat transfer process, exhibiting vibrant color & detail. These cuffs are smooth, comfortable and highly flexible. The glass and silver jewelry line is made with imagery on metallic paper then displayed under a dreamy convex magnifying glass.


Daphne Lorna

Daphne Lorna is the collaboration of two sisters, Daphne Lorna Evans and Cindy Evans McCoy. Cindy and Daphne grew up in Montreal, Canada, and have been making jewelry ever since they can remember. As two of four daughters, design and fashion were always a central household theme in their growing up years. Daphne’s love of the outdoors and casual style complement Cindy’s energetic, bright east-coast sensibilities. Daphne and Cindy started DL as an expression of their creativity, and to fill a niche for unfussy, casual jewelry with a mountain girl femininity. Daphne Lorna jewelry is inspired by the mountains, wildlife and people that fill the palate of western Montana. Attention to design and details are of paramount importance to both Cindy and Daphne, ensuring that each piece is a thoughtful blend of the owners’ aesthetics, which makes Daphne Lorna Jewelry so unique. Together Cindy and Daphne create jewelry with a casual, outdoorsy flavor, yet stylish enough for classy evenings out on the town.


The Bijou Fab

I am passionate about my brand. I love creating jewelry and I’ve been doing it since 2012. I’m French Canadian. I came to the United States so I could learn more about the horse industry and ride with the best in the world! Long story short, I fell in love with Texas and now this is my home. I am so happy that I found my purpose in life with this company. I hope you will love my creations. 


Moondance Artwork


I use almost anything I can find to create my pieces.  That is why each piece is one of a kind.  I get most of my materials from the metal bins at the recycle facility in Missoula.  I use wire, pipe, and old copper pieces in the jewelry. 

All of the patina copper is done by hand.  I have several “recipes” I use to create different variations of aged and rusted copper.  As much fun as it is to create each piece of jewelry, I equally enjoy being the mad scientist that ages and stains my copper.

 Each piece of jewelry is sprayed with a light coating of polyurethane to hold the color.  I use hypoallergenic nickel free earring hooks & necklace chains.

My creations include earring, necklaces, & cuffs.

I have lots of great tools that help me create my unique jewelry. My shop is located in my garage.  I always told my husband, "Don't buy me kitchen gadgets, buy me tools." far so good.


Buffalo Girls Salvage


 The Buffalo Girls Salvage® story began in 2012, while I was a stay-at-home mom, to two boys. As a Military Veteran, I have always loved a great adventure, but I never could have imagined that God would allow this company of mine, to become so fulfilling and so far reaching. My jewelry designs come from my love for inspiring and uplifting women. As a Cancer Survivor, I especially love that I am able to create keepsakes for women in the midst of their battle. I also have a deep love and respect for our law enforcement across this great land of ours, so I am thrilled to say that 100% of the spent bullet casings used in our bullet jewelry, have been recycled from Law Enforcement Officers and Federal Agents.